Neymar’s Girlfriend and the Sex Tape Virus

The question on everybody’s lips! Who is Neymar’s girlfriend? You would think, being the super rich super star he is that he’d have a string of women on the go, and that there would be some dirty stories about his love life lurking in every corner of the internet. But, “not all men are like that”, as the saying goes…but actually you’d be right.

It all started off with the very beautiful Fernanda Barroso (below). The two have a son together, Davvi Lucca, however, at the time of birth Neymar said he wasn’t in a relationship. Neymar was just 19 at the time, and some might argue he is too young and it’s too soon considering he has the weight of becoming the world’s next Lionel Messi on his shoulders. He has taken care of the responsibility very well for such a young man, and reportedly bought her a penthouse worth around $1m, and pays a $15,000 per month in child support.

fernanda barosso

Then came Carol Abranches, the busty langerie model who reportedly dated the twinkle-toed Brazilian around September 2012. The big boobed, big booty beauty would be irresistible to any man let alone a footballing great; not sure Neymar’s mother would approve of her body showing antics though.

carol abranches

It couldn’t have lasted long though because Neymar was back in the saddle pictured with another beauty, Bruna Marquezine, with whom, as far as we know, he is still with today. Slow down Neymar, we’re struggling to keep up with your keeping it up! And we’re not talking about the ball here….

bruna marquezinebruna and neymarbruna marquezine naked

Neymar Sex Tape

In June 2011 rumour waved across the web reporting a leaked sex tape of Neymar and a mysterious lady. The Neymar sex tape unfortunately turned out to be a nasty virus, albeit not a sexual one. It was a trojan horse virus named “Banbra” that infected computers when downloaded. It then steals your financial data and shares it with naughty hackers.



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